2014 49er & 49erFX US Nationals

Thursday August 21 to Sunday August 24 saw the return of the US National Championships return to Oakcliff Sailing Centre in Oyster Bay, NY. Thanks to the generosity of B.H. Lawrence, Oakcliff has a fleet of 8 49er’s and 8 49erFX’s.

The championship was sailed in beautiful conditions. Oyster Bay certainly threw up its best. We had sunny skies, warm temperatures and best of all consistent breeze in the 8 to 12 knot range. This is certainly what one would call Champagne Sailing!

Heron Financial group sponsored regatta video coverage by T2P. Here’s some of that video:
Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

The event served as a good tune up for the teams heading to Santander for next months’ ISAF World Championships, and also as a great way to end the summer for the less experienced teams.

In total, we had seven 49er’s and nine 49erFX’s from a total of three nations (USA, CAN, ISV). The 49er championship came down to the deciding double-points, non-discardable medal race on Sunday afternoon. The defending champions, Brad Funk / Trevor Burd went into the final race trailing teammates Fred Strammer / Zach Brown by three points.

Strammer / Brown led around the first windward, but a cunning gybe-set from Funky Burd saw them claw back the series leaders. At the bottom end of the course some dramatics ensued with a failed roll from Strammer / Brown which resulted in a penalty (to them) and Funky Burd pulling off a team racing style pass back with a luff. With Strammer / Brown sufficiently buried, all they had to do was claw back one or two boats on the remaining legs to take the series and defend their title.

Meanwhile in the 49erFX class, young guns Wade Waddell and Ian MacDiarmid of Florida carried a 10 point lead into the medal race over USSTSTS rivals and defending champions Helena Scutt / Paris Henken.

It came down to the wire, but in the end finishing the medal race in fifth was enough for the young hot shot FX boys to take the title and show the girls how it is done! Congrats to this young team. We’ll be hoping to see lots of young mixed and male teams in the 49erFX in the coming months and years.

The Champions - Rippin'!

Full results here: http://www.yachtscoring.com/event_results_cumulative.cfm?eID=1057

Pictures here: https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/114477766565400481804/albums/6051883184019249985

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Limited Parts Supply – July 17 to Aug 2

We have a busy summer of skiff sailing this summer. The pinnacle of the NA skiff sailing season is the 29er NA’s & Worlds to be held in beautiful Kingston, ON. During that time we will be on-site at Portsmouth supporting those events. Therefore, we will have limited ability to supply 49er & FX parts during that time. You may experience some delay getting answers on email and on shipping.
Therefore, it is a good idea to get your orders in BEFORE JULY 16th.
Also a reminder that we still have some great 49er & FX racing coming up this year:
49er Canadians – St Margaret’s Bay – July 18 – 20, 2014 – plus OPEN training camp July 14 – 17 w/ Mark Asquith http://www.49er.ca/49er-class/?page_id=464

CORK OCR – Kingston – August 16 – 20, 2014 www.cork.org

US Nationals – Oyster Bay – August 22 – 24, 2014 http://www.yachtscoring.com/emenu.cfm?eID=1057
Keep in touch and hope to see you all soon!

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Surfin’ USA

McBride / Wilson “waxin’ down their surfboard!”
Awesome footage!

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49er.ca Grand Prix: Upcoming Regattas

Hey 49er and 49erFX sailors,

There are two great events coming up with 10 boats already registered! New England sailors – load those boats and come on up.
Ottawa Skiff Grand Prix is June 7th and 8th. There is one more day left to preregister and save big!
RCYC Skiff is June 14th and 15th. Keep posted for registration here: http://www.rcyc.ca/Doc-Types/Regattas/2014-Regattas.aspx
If you need any information about accommodations or logistics don’t hesitate to email me.
President, Canadian 49er and 49er FX Class Association

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West Coast 49er Racing 2014

Hello all!

Ian Woodbury speaking, 49er Canadian West Coast rep, and VP.

I’m dying to know if any of you west coast guys and girls are interested in doing some training or racing on the coast this summer?
Please email me regatta’s and venues you guys want to see turn into a 49er event, and I’ll try and make it happen.

I’f first of all like to invite everyone up to Vancouver Canada for Waves this year! Royal Van has put it in the notice of race that 49ers and 49erFXs are more than welcome!

Please speak up if you’re interested at all, I’ll try and hook up sailors who don’t have partners and get as many boats on the water in one spot as possible.

Ian Woodbury, CAN 860
Canadian VP & West Coast Rep

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2014 49er.ca Canadian Grand Prix

The 2014 Canadian 49er GP Events are expected to be as follows:

And not officially on the Grand Prix but a recommended event:

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2014 US Nationals

Oakcliff Sailing Centre has released the NOR for the 2014 US National Championships. The event will take place immediately following CORK, Aug 22-24 in Oyster Bay, NY for the 2nd consecutive year. NOR is here, mark your calendars today!

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Join the Intl 49er Class!

2013 was a great year for class growth in 49er. The class association grew from ~100-150 members per year to 450 members in 2013. This was partly due to the 49erFX teams joining, and partly due to the efforts of our builders, dealers, and regatta partners ensuring all sailors participating in regatta are members of the class. So far in 2014 we have 160 members signed up already. PLEASE JOIN THE CLASS NOW: http://www.regattanetwork.com/membermgmt/49ER/membership_registration_start.php

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2014 49erNA Class Meeting – Notes

Hi all,
Thank you to those that attended and contributed to the 49er and 49er FX North American class meeting today.

Here is what was discussed:

1. Class development: The class has grown significantly in the past year especially with the addition to the 49erFX class but it is really important that we continue to support to athletes new to the fleet and promote the class to younger sailors. A bigger fleet is beneficial to every level sailor.

2. Grand Prix Circuit (North East) – schedule to be released soon
Confirmed events: Ice Breakers (Toronto), Ottawa Skiff, Canadians (Halifax) and CORK (Kingston).
US Nationals, see below
Events between Ottawa skiff and Canadians is still TBC. Options are RCYC Skiff, TRY, Newport or National Event.
[Both Newport and National Event are the weekend before Canadians, which could interfere with a training camp before Canadians]

Newport Regatta
Concerns: Canadians are interested in going to the event if they know there will be Americans attending. The travel time does not make sense to race against only Canadians.

Nothing was concluded on this topic for those regattas for the moment. More information bout the 49er development team summer plans will contribute to decision making.

3. West Coast: West Coast teams will keep us in the loop about any possible events on the west coast. West Coast sailors should contact Ian Woodbury (vp@49er.ca) for this.

4. US Nationals

Timing: Last year there were 2 days between CORK and US Nats, held at Oakcliff. Some people felt this was not enough time. The downside of moving it later would be: a) some people travelling from West Coast or elsewhere might be less likely to attend both events, b) interfering with when teams want to leave for ISAF Worlds.
Some other ideas were suggested as well, like making Newport Regatta the US Nationals, or holding the US Nationals in October, either at Oakcliff or possibly at Heineken. The “fun” aspect of this regatta made it seem less appropriate as a US National Championship. General consensus seemed to prefer the after CORK timing.

Venue: Some people expressed dissatisfaction with the Oakcliff facilities, particularly the launching area. It was mentioned that it might be better to sail a bit farther out too. Trevor B. assured group that these thing could be discussed with regatta organizers.

Fleet size: Same idea as Newport, Canadians want to be sure that there will be many Americans at the event to make it worth the trip. Advantage of having the event at Oakcliff or a venue that Oakcliff could support is that there are charter boats available to contribute to fleet numbers.

5. 2015 North Americans
Ben Remocker (int’l 49er AND 49er FX class manager) discussed 2015 North Americans
Main points:
- In Clearwater, FL, as a test event for the 2016 Worlds.
- Held about 5 days after Miami OCR
- Logistics to sort out would be for Europeans (for example) to ship their boats to Clearwater and then back to Europe from there.
- Very supportive organizer keen to make it happen and accommodate sailors.

North American fleet liked the idea, and were not personally concerned with the logistics. Only that the logistics work best to get the biggest fleet possible at the event.

6. Trevor Burd is looking for a replacement as American class president. Not enough Americans were present for any changes. If you are an American interested in fulfilling this important role, please contact Trevor Burd.

If you have any questions, concerns or ideas please do not hesitate to message me or email me at president@49er.ca or contact Trevor Burd

- Arielle Morgan, Cdn 49er & FX Class President

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2014 NA Class Meeting

There will be a class meeting today Friday January 24th at 4pm in the boat park at Miami Rowing Club. Attendance is mandatory for those that are in Miami.


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